360 Degrees of Proximities

Feminists take back video! //// against the gentrification of sex positive content ///

Join us, as we build infrastructure and create media for a feminist federation, against the matrix of domination imposed by Google, Amazon, Pornhub etc. 360 Degrees of Proximities is a social/technical/artistic project by Systerserver in collaboration with Ca La Dona (Barcelona), Broken House (Berlin) and mur.at (Graz).

Systerserver is a transnational network of feminists that run their own servers using free and open source software, including PeerTube, which is a video hosting platform hosted in the infrastructure of mur.at.Broken House, together with Systerserver, will install their own Peertube server, and join Ca la Dona and Systerserver PeerTube servers in a form of federation. This means each locality will have self-managed infrastructure that can communicate with each other and their allies in the Fediverse [the federated universe that interconnects websites, social networks, blogs and more], with the option to be accessible to the rest of the internet.


Between 19-23 of September, Broken House and Systerserver host a program of participatory events dedicated to the queer sex positive underground of Berlin. The program kicks off on Tuesday Sep 19th with a performative event to meet the participants, introduce the Fediverse and demonstrate Peertube. This will be followed by two days of a collective installation of the Peertube server that will be used, maintained and administered by the local community. We will video-document the whole process so that it can be shared with and adapted by other feminists, to keep strengthening the feminist federation. On Saturday Sep 23rd, Broken House hosts a launch party of the channel that we installed. The night will feature local dirty artivism from the sex positive underground in Berlin, a panel talk and a bar mingle in the queer feminist anti-fascist collective space FAQ-Laden. The night will be live streamed on a Broken House PeerTube server for audience taking part remotely.

~ Previous technical knowledge is not required for participation.

~ The organizers and hosts of this program are queer feminists of all genders. We welcome all members of the FLINTA* community

~ Working language: English

With the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL