In 2013 a bunch of us decided to pool our resources and buy a server. We wanted to be able to offer and alternative to the dominant video-calling software. We had heard that a VoIP sever should not be installed on a VPS (virtual private server) but on a machine with its own hardware clock, because timing is of the essence with this service. The same could be argued for other networking services like DNS or firewall. Luckily there was a small, cheap, and environmentally friendly(!) server for sale at a shop in Amsterdam. The Eco Breeze at

This Supermicro 1U Atom D525 server uses less than 33 watts per hour and is very quiet for a server. It looks more like a rack-mounted network switch than a typical pizza box shaped server. It’s 44 x 25 x 4 cm and weighs 4,5 kg (without the hard disks). The 64-bit Atom processor is just fine for what we want to do with our server. To complete the server’s hardware setup, we still had to buy two sticks of 2GB of RAM and two 250GB SATA hard disks.