We got to a stage where we didn't want to rely on the (very supportive mind you) guys hosting our website. We wanted to Do It Ourselves. So this is our own space to practice being systems administrators, where peers are present to answer questions and show by example.

We meet online to talk shop. Then one by one take on a task that needed to be done or learnt. The women are from all over the world: New York, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Munich, Zagreb, Hobart and other places.

Just before she get's hung up.

Join the mailing list

The archives (open to the public) date back to August 2004, but the list has been running for longer. I think we lost something during a migration. At the time of writing (Dec. 2014) 124 people are subscribed, nearly all women, but not exclusively.

Meet us on IRC

We meet irregularly on the Eclectic Tech Carnival channel (#etc) on the Indymedia IRC server to text chat. Find the channel via a browser and enter on https://chat.indymedia.org (you will need to accpet self-signed certificates). Or use a text chat application like Pidgin, Colloquy, mIrc, irssi to log onto the server and join the channel. From the command line that would be irc://#etc@irc.indymedia.org